Mobile production is changing – We are ready!

PICTOR OB1.  We have built Finlands first outside 4K UHD production vehicle with S35-sensor cameras. It is now possible to shoot and direct multi camera productions and retain that elusive film-look that only cinema-style digital cameras provide.

Pictor OB1 is equipped with six (6) Blackmagic Production Cameras with Canon EF bayonet lens mounts. The cameras have global shutter and feature around 12 stops of dynamic range. The camera system feature our unique in-house developed remote control (CCU) and timecode system allowing a traditional multi camera production workflow.

Our motto is the best possible quality at the best possible price.

READY FOR EVERYTHING. Key points in the design have been technical quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and a focus on IT-centric protocols and centralized management.

The technical director has access to full industry standard vision mixing as well as switcher controlled character generator and video playback. The program feed can be broadcast and streamed in HDTV resolutions while content is recorded in UHD.

Full remote monitoring and administration of OB1:s core systems is done over VPN from Pictors operations centre. This allows for safe and reliable operation, quick setup and fast turnaround time.

INDUSTRY STANDARD. In base configuration, OB1 features a Ross Carbonite 2M vision mixer and six Black Magic Production Cameras with in-house developed timecode, tally and CCU system.

The cameras record in UHD 3840×2160 and transmit HD-SDI over optical fiber (tactical grade) to the van. The same fiber link is used for PGM-return, timecode, camera coms and tally and CCU signals.

The vision mixer features LiveEDL which streamlines post production by enabling automatic conform of camera iso-recordings to the technical directors switching decisions using standard CMX3600 EDL:s.

FAST AND EASY SETUP. The audio system  is built around Dante using Focusrite Rednet converters. The system is capable of recording and routing 128 inputs and 128 outputs using Steinberg Nuendo as audio core. Audio configurations, patching and routing can be remotely administered and  recalled.

The system uses modular stageboxes that can be suited to the productions needs. In base configuration OB1 features 16 mic preamps with full remote control capability as well as 8 high quality  line in and line outs. Stageboxes are available for interfacing with MADI networks and other standards. Interconnection of stage boxes happen over CAT7 cable or optical fiber.

The audio core is fully remote controllable and allows for audio recording and monitoring basically from anywhere. For example, OB1 can be deployed in production in a remote city, while the sound mixer is monitoring and mixing the audio from a suite in Pasila.

"It´s just like sitting in the editing suite looking at dailies from set - but this is live!"

− Tomas Täng (Editor "Beck" movies and more ...)

"Very fast setup times. The quality is great and the van is cosy!"

− Raimo Uunila (Grape Productions)


OB1 technical  specifications (PDF): PICTOR_OB1_tech_spec_sept2015_rev1


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